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Choosing Hair

Protective Styling — Braids are a form of protective styling. Braids reduce the daily manipulation needed to style and care for your hair. Braiding your natural hair with extensions can give you styling versatility without compromising your natural hair. There are very few limitations on the length, texture, color or size of the individual braids. Braids can help prevent unnecessary damage to your hair. Braiding your hair with extensions can take several hours or even days, but the end results will be well worth the trouble. Many braid styles can use the artificial hair, such as Yaky or Kanekelon, for extensions, but often micros require natural hair. Be sure to speak with our professional braiders about the correct extension choice for your chosen purpose.

The day before, wash and condition your hair well. Dry your hair and apply a light moisturizer. The general rule is that your hair should be clean prior to braiding. Many women wash and braid their hair on the same day, but it is not advisable, you should allow your hair time to breathe.

Braid Choices — Hair Braids provide a viable option for transitioning, special occassions, ease of daily care and just plain fun. Braids can provide protection for hair against damage due to everyday styling, however, it is important to protect the hairline and edges that can easily be forgotten. While braiding styles such as micro braids offer much more versatility and styling options than cornrows do, they are not always the best choice as far as protective styling goes. With styling micro braids, the same amount of pulling and tugging at the root can be applied as with everyday styling so that damage can occur due to the amount of stress that is sometimes applied to the individual braid-root-cluster. Cornrows are a safer alternative as there is no movement and tugging at the roots, which are safely tucked away under the braid itself.

Transitioning — Changing your lifestyle for hair care practices, such as going from relaxed or permed to natural styling, is termed TRANSITIONING.

Hair weaving is a very popular option because the transitioning woman is comfortably afforded the option of limitless styling. This option offers the best protective styling as well as complete invisibility throughout the entire transitioning phase. Weaving can be the easiest and most fun way to transition without even thinking about it.

Hair weaving requires natural hair in most cases.

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