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Hair Care

Overview Weaves and hair extensions are two different techniques of installing hair pieces. Unlike your natural virgin hair, damaged weaves and extensions cannot restore themselves. Proper care ensures the long life for hair pieces, and keeps your own hair healthy.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar — Cider Vinegar is GOOD. As a final rinse, with a ratio of 10:1, 10 being water, and 1 being the ACV, you will close the hair cuticle and find it easier to detangle and style your hair. Using llavender in this mix will help dilute any smell of vinegar you may have lingering afterwards.

  • Glycerin — Glycerin moisture to itself. If the air is not humid, it will draw the moisture OUT of your hair to itself. It does not absorb. It sits on top of your hair. After it is shampooed out, your hair will be left without elasticity and dry. Use sparingly!

  • Witch Hazel — Remember to take care of your scalp. When wearing hair pieces it's important to consider the care of your scalp, especially if you have a hair weave. Hair weaves are secured to your natural hair in a fashion that your hair is subjected to product buildup. Use witch hazel in-between washings to cleanse your scalp and natural hair. Witch hazel will also correct your skin's natural PH balance, allowing your scalp to produce the adequate amount of natural oils necessary to maintain a healthy appearance. Rub witch hazel between your hands, and use your fingers to massage the product within your hair into your scalp. Repeat as often as necessary.

Combing from scalp to ends is bad. If you want to retain any length whatsoever, do not comb your hair from the scalp. Gather all of your hair into one hand while brushing with the other hand. Gradually move up until you get to your scalp, holding the hair all the time. Do not PULL your hair. Combing/brushing while wet with conditioner on is GOOD. It minimizes breakage and helps distribute the conditioner throughout your hair.

UV's are BAD. Try to cover your hair if you will be spending lots of time in the sun. This will prevent drying out and breakage. Scarves and hats can be a great wardrobe asset for protecting your hair. Secure your hair while you sleep. Hair pieces can become easily knotted or tangled at the installation place.

HEAT styling is BAD. Period. If it burns your skin, it will burn your hair. DRYING: Let your hair air-dry rather than using a blow-dryer

On special occassions, when heat is used, it's best to always apply a heat-protective serum beforehand.

The length of your hair is a factor of both new-growth/growth-rate and retention. Hair grows at a set rate per person, but how long you retain that length depends on how you treat the hair. Heat, rough brushing, chemicals, and rubber bands you can contribute to breakage. Split ends cannot be repaired, and must be cut off, otherwise they will continue the split up the hair shaft causing rough and dry hair. If you have split ends, have them cut off, using only hairdresser scissors that have never been used to cut anything but hair to avoid more split ends! Overuse of glycerine will cause your hair to dry out.

WASHING Techniques and Supplies
Washing hair unnecessarily can cause needless wear on hair pieces and extensions. Clean carefully using shampoos and conditioners that do not contain any detergents or silicones which can leave excess residue on your hair causing damage to virgin hair and hair pieces. When you're washing your hair, use the tips of your fingers to carefully massage shampoo into your scalp. Be gentle and don't tug or twist to ring out your hair.
WATER - Drinking and Washing
Water is important! Not just the water you put on your hair, but the water you put INTO your body. Hydration is essential to healthy, strong hair. If you don't drink enough water, your hair will dry out. The same thing goes for eating healthy. Junk food adds nothing to the health of your hair. Try to minimize your intake and you and your hair will reap the benefits. hard water is BAD water.

Invest in a water filter for your shower to strip the lime, fluoride, chlorine and copper out of your water and you will see an amazing difference within one wash. Be sure to use a clarifier first time after your filter, to eliminate any buildup already present on your hair.
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