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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type/texture/color/length of hair can you braid ?
A: We braid all types, texture and color of hair. African-American, Asian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and European hair types.

Read more about understanding hair types here.

Concerning hair length,for braiding or adding extensions we must be able to grasp hair, so a one inch minimal length is recommended.
Q: Should I bring the extension or do you provide the hair?
A: Khadim can sometimes provide the best hair for your installation, but does not stock all types, colors and lengths of hair. Our staff can explain exactly what you need for the style, and recommend where to obtain your products.
Q: My hair is black, but I want to braid it with a light color. Should I color my hair before I get the braids?
A: There is no need to color your hair to match with the extension color because we can blend your extension color with your hair as we braid.
Q: My hair is coarse; should I use a relaxer before I get some braids?
A: Most specialists recommend that you NOT perm, color or use any harsh chemical in your hair immediately before getting braids. The damage from chemical treatment would weaken your natural hair. It is wise to be sure your hair is clean before braiding, so we recommend washing a day or two BEFORE your appointment.
Q: How much time does it take to complete braids, weaves, or twist?
A: The time involved in braiding or weaving depends substantially on the complexity of the style, the volume of hair and extensions or hairpieces involved.
  • Cornrows with extensions generally require from one to three hours, depending on design and layers.
  • Individuals with human or synthetic extensions would take between four and six hours.
  • Kinky twist with human hair extensions would take between four and six hours.
  • Senegalese Twist may take between six and eight hours.
Q: How Long will the braids last?
A: Cornrows with extensions should last up to five weeks or more. For Individuals braids, weaves and twist with extension, we advise that you keep it in for eight weeks but no more than ten weeks. Leaving braids or twist in too long can lead to hair locking and contribute to hair loss.
Q: What is the best way to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair?
A: The transition from perm to natural hair may take between six and twelve months. During transition months, the hair shaft should be kept stable with a minimal the regular grooming, since regular grooming during the transitional period could lead to hair breakage. We believe that the hair shaft is best stabilized in braids or twist during the transition.
Q: Can I shampoo regularly if I have braids, weaves or twist with extensions my hair?
A: We advise that you minimize the number of times that you shampoo braids, weaves or twisted extensions in the hair. There are several products on the market that will enable you to do a dry shampoo in between a regular shampoo. You can create a foam of a gentle shampoo, pat the foam onto the wetted scalp area, let sit for one minute, and rinse thoroughly. Keeping the scalp clean and fresh, without stressing the style, will preserve your style. Some clients do a full shampoo with a stocking cap covering the braids or twist every 4 weeks.
Q: Will the braids make my hair grow faster?
A: Braids certainly make the hair appear to grow faster, although the stabilization and reduced manipulation of regular grooming will prevent breakage, which maintains the growth of your natural hair.
Q: How long should I keep my braids?
A: The length of time you keep your braid depends on the style of braid you choose and the care you give your braids. Sometimes clients will choose to keep their braids for a few weeks, other times with care and management, braids will stay attractive for a few months.
Q: Can I wash my single braids?
A: It depends on your experience handling braided hair. Washing must be done carefully, to avoid loosening or losing some of your braids or cause knotting within your braids.
Q: My scalp is itchy. What can I do to stop the itch?
A: Keep your scalp healthy and comfortable. You can use a braid spray formulated to prevent or treat scalp itch, apraying once or twice a day. Many shampoos and conditioners are drying or impede the health of your scalp and hair. Understand how to keep healthy, See our notes on chemistry
Q: Some of my braids in the front are hanging on a streak of hair. What can I do?
A: It is time to either take your braids out or get them retouched.
Q: Should I wash my braids before I take them out?
A: We do not recommend washing your braids just before you take them out.
Q: How can I take my braids out?
A: We do offer braids maintenance. Our highly skilled professional braiders are experts in the art of removing braids.
Q: How are braiding or weaving services prices?
A: Prices are dependent on complexity of hair style, volume of hair, and time to completion.

Everyday hair styles, medium to large single braids or combination single braids and cornrows, 2 - 9 hours, depends on style and size of head.

Office hair styles, small to medium single braids or combination single braids and cornrows, 4 - 9 hours, depends on style and size of head.

Wedding & Special Occassion hair styles, small single braids or combination single braids and cornrows, 6 - 9 hours, depends on style and size of head.
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