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How to Remove Braids From Hair

The most important step is to Love your hair. This will help you show patience with nature of your personal hair-type of hair. Become willing to take the time to learn about what your natural hair needs, considering your preferences and lifestyle.

Hair braiding, weaved, or locked hair can become dry and matted together, so you must use a hair care product that softens, oils and moisturizes your hair so that after these styles are removed unhealthy and broken hair is not left behind.

Watch-out for Chemicals!
Do not shampoo or relax until your hair braiding is completely combed out and detangled. Because if you try to wash away clumps/knots of matted or braided hair, the water will absorb every last drop of oil in your hair and all your hair will tangle in to a big matted mess. And if you try to perm/relax the knots and tangles out of your hair-it will not work either! Relaxers are not designed to penetrate through clumps of matted and braided hair.

A product such as TAKE DOWN removal cream allows you the ease of transitioning from hairstyle to hairstyle.

Before you begin to remove hair braiding soak the roots of your hair and the braids with a removal cream. Do the same for sew-in weaves, but first cut the extensions off, then proceed to soak the cornrows with a removal cream. This will prevent tearing and breaking of the hair when you are combing through it.

Patience can be achieved!
Most people do not have the time or patience to remove hair braiding, locks, weaves or hair extensions the right way, and we tend to think it is too costly to visit the braid shop for the undo or take down. Then the pulling, tugging, and sometimes tearing, can seriously damage hair when removing. If you MUST remove your own braids, remember NOT to rush, and use the patience of Zen meditation to carefully manipulate the hair.

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